Gum Aesthetics

Healthy gums

In order for the gums to be aesthetic, first of all, they must be healthy. The biggest factor that impairs gingival health is poor oral hygiene, which leads to dental plaque and tartar accumulation. While redness, swelling and bleeding are observed in the gums exposed to the bacteria in the dental plaque, recession and tissue loss are observed in the gums for longer periods.
Symmetry and proportion are at the forefront in the aesthetics of healthy gums.

Ideally, gingival levels should be symmetrical on both sides. The gingival level of the lateral incisor should be 1 mm lower than the anterior incisor and canine teeth. The zenith point, which is the highest point of the gingiva, should be slightly more than the long axis of the tooth.
Aesthetic appearance can only be achieved with gingival leveling. With this process, the symmetry of the gingival levels and ideal tooth ratios are created by extending the tooth lengths.