Restorative Procedures

There are methods called restorative procedures to improve the shape and color of the teeth for patients who are not satisfied with the aesthetics of their teeth. With or without orthodontic treatment, it is sometimes possible to achieve perfect teeth dimensions and color only through reconstructive procedures. During these procedures, cosmetic fillings, ceramic aligners, and zirconia crowns are placed on the teeth.Aesthetic fillings or bonding is the placement of a suitable white filling material on the teeth to give the shape of the tooth. It is used to repair dental fractures, remove discoloration, or change the shape of teeth. Its notable advantages are that it is more affordable than porcelain and can be easily repaired. The disadvantage is that it changes color faster.

Estetik Dolgu Bonding
Estetik Dolgu Bonding

The change that occurs before and after the bonding process.

With zirconium or full aesthetic veneers, the teeth are classically covered with porcelain. Since there is no metal in the coating, very aesthetic results are obtained. The only drawback of highly resistant veneers that retain their color for many years is the need to reduce the size of the teeth.

E-max porselen diş
Emax ceramic full front teeth veneers and veneers or porcelain sheets are porcelain coatings for the front surface of the teeth only.

Laminates are very preferred because they give very aesthetic results and do not harm the teeth. Although the cost is higher than other treatment options, the first recommended reconstructive procedure is a plate. For symmetrically good results, it is applied over a period of at least two years. In order to provide the aesthetics of a smile, its number can increase up to 8-10 teeth in one jaw.


Front 4 tooth lamina application for smile aesthetics